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Doctor Sunny Sapir

Specialist in Family Medicine

Dr. Sunny Sapir graduated in 2005 from Semmelwise Medical School in Hungary.

Dr. Sapir took her residency in 2012 at Tel Aviv Sourasky Medical Center (Ichilov), and the same year received her specialist degree from Tel Aviv University.

Dr. Sapir has worked with many different aspects of Medicine; ‘Body and Soul’ method, diabetes concerns, and pain medicine workshops.

Patients can consult her as a family doctor with an in-depth insight into alternative methods of treatment.

At The Clinic:

Sunday 10:00-14:00 and 17:00-21:00

Monday 10:00-14:15

Tuesday 10:20-14:20 and 15:30-20:30

Wednesday 10:00-14:30 and 17:00-20:30

Thursday 14:00-19:00

Friday 8:30-12:00

For appointment: / 24 hours calls: 053-9955443/03-6133553

Patients with Maccabi Health Service: *3555

Doctor Erana Artman

Specialist in Neurology

Dr. Erana Artman is a senior physician at the neurology department at Tel Aviv Sourasky Medical Center (Ichilov) – ALS unit.

Dr. Artman specializes in neurosurgical disorders and vascular (muscle and nerve) deceases.

At The Clinic: Wednesday 8:00-12:00

For appointment: 053-9955443

Patients with Maccabi Health Service: *3555

Doctor David Bak

Specialist in Child and Adolescent Psychiatry

Dr. David Bak works within the field of Child Psychiatry and a specialist in Adolescent. Patients can consult him on issues concerning the diagnosis and treatment of disorders concerning thinking, feeling and/or behavior affecting children, adolescents, and their families.

At The Clinic: Tuesday 15:00 – 20:00

For appointment: 053-9955443

Patients with Maccabi Health service: * 3555

Can be contacted by email: drdvbk@gmail.com

Doctor Yariv Goldstein

Orthopedic surgeon and shoulder surgery

Dr. Yariv Goldstein graduated from Technion Medical Bihs and specialized at Tel Aviv Sourasky Medical Center (Ichilov). Dr. Goldstein continued his specialization in Surgery of the shoulder in Nice, France.

Dr. Goldstein is a senior physician at the shoulder unit, Tel Aviv Sourasky Medical Center (Ichilov).

Dr. Goldstein believes in medicine when needed, and a strong collaboration between the patient, the doctor and the medical staff.

At The Clinic: Wednesday 16:00 – 22:00

For appointment: 053-9955443

Doctor Michael Drexier

Orthopedic surgeon / knee and hip replacement

Dr. Michael Drexler graduated from the School of Medicine at Technion (Haifa). Dr. Drexler took his residency in orthopedic biology at Tel Aviv Sourasky Medical Center (Ichilov).

Patients can consult Dr. Drexler on problems concerning sport injuries, musculature trauma, infections, degenerative diseases and congenital disorders.

At The Clinic: Monday 15:00- 18:00

For appointment: 057-9955478

Patients with Macabbi Health Service *3555

Doctor Eyal Yehezkel

ENT specialist and Head and Nose Surgery

Dr. Eyal Yehezkel graduated from Sackler School of Medicine -Tel Aviv University where he specialized in Otolaryngology (ENT) and Head and Neck surgery.

Dr. Yehezkel is deputy director of the ENT and Head and Neck surgery unit at the Medical Center Assaf Harofeh and in charged of the children’s ENT unit at the same Medical Center.

At The Clinic: Sunday 15:00 – 21:00

For appointment: 03-6133553

Further information: www.afozen.com

Doctor Mudi Misgav


Doctor Modi Misgav graduated from the Technion Medical School (Haifa-Israel).

He specialized in internal medicine and hematology at Sourasky Medical Center (Ichilov). At the National Center of Hemophilia (Shiva) Dr. Misgav did his clinical internship in blood to clot.

Dr. Misgav is a senior physician at the center and acting director of the blood bank.

At The Clinic: Monday 16:30-19:00

Doctor Eric Barel

Specialist in Plastic Surgery

Dr. Eric Barel is a senior doctor and specializes in plastic surgery. He is a member of the Medical Association (IMA)

Dr. Barel graduated from the Medical School of the Hebrew University in Jerusalem. His residency, in plastic surgery, was done at Rabin Medical Center, Beilinson and Hasharon Schneider.

During his internship, Dr. Barel went for a fellowship at the University Hospital of Geneva Switzerland, Hopitaux Universitaires De Geneva (HUG), where he studied recreations, Aesthetic Plastic Surgery and Body Shaping surgery after weight loss.

Currently Dr. Barel works as a senior physician in the Department of Plastic Surgery at Rabin Medical Center, Beilinson – Hasharon.

At The Clinic: Friday 9 :00-14:00

For appointment: 03-6133553

Noa Shemesh

Expert in medical psychological treatment in adolescents and adults

Noa Shemesh is a registered psychological clinic worker. She can be consulted on issues concerning chronic diseases of personal, couple and family problems. She also helps with the correlation between patient and medical system in preparation for medical procedures.

At The Clinic: Sunday 8:00- 14:30

For appointment: 03-6133553.

Dror Ben Noah

Clinical Dietitian

Dror Ben Noah is a licensed dietitian with an exam from the Ministry of Health (Tel Aviv). He finished his Nutritional Science degree (B.Sc) at Tel Aviv Academic Collage. Mr. Ben Noah gained experience and training at Tel Aviv Medial Center (Ichilov).

Mr. Ben Noah specializes in Nephrology. Patients can contact him with problems concerning pre-diabetes, blood lipids, overweight, obesity, MW, HIV and oncological issues.

At the Clinic:

Monday 16:30- 20:30

Wednesday: 8:30- 14:30

Treatments can be arranged through the clinic: 03-6133553